Frailness of Life

noun: frailty
the condition of being weak and delicate.
“the increasing frailty of old age”
The frailness of life. I enjoyed Thanksgiving this year with my precious 88 year old mom and my sister. We went to a restaurant of my mom’s choice as we have done in the last few years so that she can get out to “see more people”. Most of her friends have passed on and, although she’s a very private person, she enjoys seeing how the rest of the world lives. As we sat down at the table,  my mom sat beside me in the corner of the booth-style cushioned seats. She had a nice blue blazer and blouse on with her pearl necklace and a full length skirt. She looked nice but, oh so petite and tiny. It was then I began to notice how frail she was. Delicate. She seemed to be swallowed by the corner of the booth she was sitting in. She is a tiny stature of a  woman but she has the heart and diligence of a warrior. She shovels snow, mows her lawn, cuts down trees and hauls brush. That’s the physcial strength. Emotionally she has persevered through deaths of her parents, two sisters, her husband, and at this point in her life, all of her friends. Not to mention two bouts of cancer. Now, she can be challenging sometimes in her moods and attitude towards things, but she has met life and all it’s struggles head on and done it mostly by herself. Physically, my mom is 5’1″ and doesn’t weigh a whole lot. Frail in physique maybe, but  inner strength = far bigger than life. She’s made it the last 44 years, alone. Her husband of only 25 years left her as a widow for more years than they were married. She’s a survivor. Her heart is soft for the downtrodden..both humans and animals. But frail? As the definition goes…”the increasing failty of old age”…well, maybe so.  But my mom is my hero. What she’s been through and made it through is the “wind beneath my wings”.  Now on the other hand, the frailness of life is something we all face every day. We have victories, joys, losses, and struggles. Sometimes the losses in our lives can be overwhelming in moments of solitude. Some days my heart weeps for days and memories gone by. How we choose to move on determines our future. I have watched my mom choose to persevere through every sad moment in her life. I pray for that same strength in how I move forward every day.
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